Escaped dogs attack Bunker Hill woman inside her home - invasion attack


Escaped dogs attack Bunker Hill woman inside her home

Victim's dog nearly killed in attack that left wounds on pet's neck

BUNKER HILL – A Bunker Hill woman and her son were forced to lock themselves in a basement bathroom after two escaped dogs smashed through her screen door and attacked her pet dog, leaving eight puncture wounds on its neck.
Suzette Daine told deputies she was out gardening last week just outside the back door of her house on the 900 block of West Indiana 218 when a pit-bull-type dog and a St. Bernard-type dog appeared and came toward her.
She said the two dogs burst through a screen on her sliding door and began attacking her dog, which was inside the house.
Daine and her teenage son were able to get ahold of their dog and retreat to a basement bathroom, where they stayed until the two canines left. When she went back upstairs, Daine reported her cat was missing.
Miami County Deputy Ron Dausch said Tuesday Daine’s dog suffered eight puncture wounds to its neck and underwent surgery. A vet reported had the dog not been wearing a thick collar and a bandanna, it would likely have been killed.
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Deputies eventually were able to determine the two dogs had escaped from their owner, who lives in Kings Court Mobile Home Park located about 6 miles away from Daine’s home.
Daush said a teenager was watching the dogs, but accidentally left a door open and the dogs escaped.
The two canines were quarantined at an animal shelter, where officials determined they had not received rabies shots. Daush said the dogs will be held for 10 days before they are released.
He said no criminal charges will be filed in the incident, but the attack was reported to the Miami County Board of Health. Animals with three reported attacks can be euthanized.
Daine told deputies that the missing cat was located at her house the day after the dog attack.
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