Woman Stabs Two Pit Bulls To Save Her Own Dog, Cherry

Please share!! I sent to KHOU, KPRC, KTRK and Montgomery County Police Reporter through FB messenger:
My cousin and I, along with her son (16 years old), my 12 and 5 year old, came home from dinner at approximately 6:00pm Friday.
My 19 year old daughter, who had just gotten home from work and let the dogs out, is in the front yard; frantic and begging for help!
Something is attacking our dog, Mommy! Something is killing Cherry!
I go into backyard to discover two pitbulls have broken through a panel in the fence. The two pitbulls have dragged our border collie onto the other side and are mauling it to death.
Video of the attack was captured by my oldest daughter. Me and my cousin, along with my three daughters are begging for help. The next door neighbors come to our aid. One of them throws bricks at the pitbulls. However, they continue attacking our helpless dog; now laying on her side. 
My 19 year old daughter calls 911. Me and my cousin, who just arrived from Austin, are frantically searching for something to separate the pitbulls from our border collie. 
In order to protect my dog, family, children and neighbors, I grab a large knife from my kitchen. I jump the fence (as my family begs me not to), and as I begin to approach Cherry, the black pitbull begins to walk towards me. I stabbed the pitbull. 
Although, severely injured from the attacks, my border collie is able to stand up and walk away, but the white pitbull follows her.
The injured pitbull (black) begins walking the fence line and the white dog trails behind. Still fearful that the dogs are going to attack the kids, I follow them. White pitbull turns around and lunges at me, so I stabbed it. 

My cousin and neighbor stayed with Cherry. My neighbor pulled his jeep behind the fence along the pipeline and loaded her up to transport her to the vet, but she died in my cousins lap on the way.
My children, ages 12 and 5, witnessed the brutal attack on our dog. 
Animal control came by Saturday morning to take statement and pictures of fence. They also stopped at the owners home to ensure the surviving, yet severely injured pitbull had been put down. Owner took it to 24 hour ER Vet on Friday to have it euthanized.
Does the homeowner have insurance? If so, does the insurance company know they own pitbulls?
The owners have offered to pay for all damages; cremation of Cherry, damaged fence, and cost of replacing Cherry. Which, makes me wonder whether or not they're trying to keep their Homeowners Insurance in the dark about this. To my knowledge, only two insurance companies in Texas will cover a homeowner if they are owners of a pitbull or pitbull mixed breed. Those insurance companies are Farmers and USAA.
The owners of the pitbulls also stated that they had, "Never seen that side of their dogs before." However, their dogs were involved in two incidents that I'm aware of. I just wonder if there are more incidents that I'm not aware of.
Two years ago, their pitbulls chased me and our border collie after breaking through a screened window in their owners home. 
As many of you know, I have a legally blind 5 year old. Last year, I called the commissioner to request "Blind Child at Play" signs be installed. County Commissioner installed them within 24 hours. HOA removed them due to "private roads" within the neighborhood. I was not given the required 48 hour notice prior to signs being removed. Signs were not replaced by HOA until at least a month later. 
Approximately two years ago, after I discovered a board members dog had been bit by one of the same dogs who had previously chased me and my dog, I advised the board member (whose dog got bit), to report it to authorities. Why weren't the incident(s) reported to the authorities by the HOA board members? Is this because the owner of the dogs is also a member of the board?
My family is traumatized. We deserve and want answers. Why isn't this on the local news? Montgomery County Police Reporter (as of 3/19/17 have been in contact with me)? Why haven't these incidents been posted on the neighborhood Facebook page?
The Board of Directors (HOA) has a fiduciary duty to maintain and operate the common area in a safe condition. As such, the Board neglected its fiduciary duty to protect the health, welfare and safety of the Association's owners.
**Video of attack is too graphic to post, but will submit to media upon request.
**Correction made on 3/20/17 - previously stated that my 12 year old daughter called 911. However, I later determined that my 19 year old daughter made the call to 911.