Pit Bull Advocates Adopt Out Dangerous Mauling Pit Bull TWICE

This story appeared on April 6, 2019. A newly adopted American bulldog mix severely mauled a young girl.  The pound failed to warn the family that pit bulls are dangerous.  The dog's name is Lucian and the article says that Lucian will be put down but the Trumbull County Dog Warden after attacking the young girl.

But on September 10, 2019, a pit bull named Lucian/Boss severely mauls a dog groomer giving her compound fractures to both bones in her forearm.  This dog belongs to the Pit Bull Advocates of Armstrong County (PA), but was being fostered for the past 4 months by a woman in Trumbull County.  This article states that Lucian/Bull has a bite history and previously been in the custody of the dog warden of Trumbull County.  This is very likely the very same dog.