Dog shot at Clinton Animal Rescue Endeavor after seriously injuring two workers

CLINTON, Mo. - On Friday afternoon, Clinton Police were called to the Clinton Animal Shelter at 1307 N. Washington Street in reference to a dog that had attacked two workers for the Clinton Animal Rescue Endeavor (C.A.R.E.).
When officers got to the shelter, they found both workers had suffered serious injuries from a large dog that was housed in the shelter.
The attack allegedly occurred as a female worker was trying to take the dog to an exercise area. The dog slipped its head out of the collar it was wearing and started attacking the worker. Upon hearing the attack, a male worker intervened and was also attacked by the dog.
Workers at the nearby Clinton Transfer Station heard the attack and cries for help. The transfer station workers and a bystander, David Day, 55, of Clinton, who was unloading trash in the area, went to help the victims.
The workers and Day found the dog actively attacking the male worker. The dog had bitten him in the neck and face and would not let go.
Using a pistol from his vehicle, Day shot the dog twice before it released its bite.
Both workers suffered bites to the neck and facial areas and the female worker suffered bites to her lower extremities. They were transported to the Golden Valley Memorial Hospital by ambulance for treatment.
Day was interviewed by police and according to the official release on the incident, could've saved the workers' lives.