Friday, March 7, 2014

Early 20th century Breed Specific Legislation in Utah

1909 Ogden Utah
Muzzle the Bulldogs:
All the dogs in Ogden are not worth the life of a child, yet some day, with the great increase of bulldogs in this city, someone's baby will be sacrificed to the ferocious animals if the law does not compel every owner to muzzle his bulldog.

1911 Ogden Utah
Police after Bulldogs
Recently there have been a number of cases reported where bulldogs have bitten people and killed small dogs.  Complaint of the vicious dogs has become so pronounced that Chief of Police Thomas E. Browning has issued an order that all bulldogs must be muzzled if permitted to run at large.  It is understood that all bulldogs hereafter running at large without a muzzle will be immediately shot by the officers.

1911 Ogden Utah
Bulldogs to be Shot Down
Bulldogs must be muzzled if allowed to run at large in Ogden, according to an order just issued by Chief of Police T.E. Browning, who has determined that the vicious dog nuisance must cease in this city.
The order of the chief is due to a number of complaints which have come to the police station witin the past few days.  One prominent business man called at the police station this morning and told of a bulldog eating a small pet terrier belonging to one of his children.  Several children have been bitten by bulldogs.  Chickens have been killed and much other trouble caused by the vicious animals.

1911 Ogden Utah
The Ogden city administration acted wisely when it passed an ordinance requiring bulldogs to be muzzled.  The animals are instinctively a fighting machine and the most vicious of dogs and will set upon man or beast and persist in their mad fury until weakened or killed by clubbing.  Running at large, without muzzles, they are more dangerous than hungry wolves on a prairie.
1914 Ogden, Utah
 Bulldogs as a Menace
The ordinance prohibition owners of bulldogs allowing their animals to go about unmuzzled should be enforced.  Complaints are made that pet dogs are being killed by these blood-thirsty dogs.  That is not the worst feature.  A bulldog will attack anyone and the most ferocious have been known to kill children.  
No bulldog, however much a pet at home, should be free to go without a muzzle.
The city laws authorize any one in authority to shoot down a bulldog not held in leash or muzzled and that is good law as the dogs are too dangerous when not rendered harmless by the prescribed restraints.