Sunday, September 1, 2019

How to Stop a Pit Bull Attack - Questions, Advice, Experience

The more people learn about how grave pit bull attacks can be, the more helpless and unsure people feel.  Anyone who bothers to research pit bulls even a little learns that power and a drive to launch an unrelenting, lethal attack are the hallmarks of pit bull attacks.  The word "unstoppable" is often used to describe pit bulls.  So, it is not surprising that many people from all walks of life have asked the questions: "How can I avoid a pit bull attack?" and "How can I stop an attacking pit bull?"

The mainstream media are quick to provide "how to avoid a dog attack" articles after a pit bull mauling.  They often include pit bull-friendly dog trainers, rescuers and pit bull advocates assuring us that pit bulls aren't more aggressive or dangerous than other kinds of dogs, which is completely untrue.  The advice given, (stand like a tree; curl up like a rock; don't pet a strange dog) is largely useless when faced with a pit bull attack, but it is safe, non-threatening, and palatable advice to give that is sure to not raise the ire of pit bull defenders.

The harder and more urgent question is "How can I stop a pit bull attack?"  Media outlets don't want to tackle this one.  The answers are difficult because pit bulls are bred to be game. One dogfighter's definition of gameness in pit bulls is "a drive to kill, or die trying."  This means that answers to the question, "how to stop a pit bull attack" will necessarily be extreme.  The first answer is, "most people can't stop a pit bull attack."  And the rest of the answers involve violence, weapons and strategies to use lethal force.

To make matters worse, pit bull advocates condemn people for wanting to know how to protect themselves.  A quick internet search shows that all kinds of good and decent people who only want to protect themselves from grave injury and death are worried about avoiding pit bull attacks.  This isn't about a desire to kill anything, just a desire to not be a victim.

Below are few of the many advice articles which detail ways to stop a pit bull attack.  Inclusion in the list below is not an endorsement of any particular method.  The purpose of this list is to demonstrate that the concern people have about stopping pit bull attacks is widespread and common.  After the list of advice articles is a very short list of stories about people who stopped an attacking pit bull.

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