Thursday, June 26, 2014

Late 19th Century Calls for Pit Bulldog Regulation in Chicago

May 24, Chicago 1896 Restriction of Savage Dogs
Yet we are quite sure that additional precautions ought to be taken against the assaults of savage dogs. A dog that is known to be savage has no proper place in city life. We can see no cause for the maintenance of a bulldog in a great city. The race is fierce and treacherous.

Jun 06, 1896 Chicago Editorial The Murderous Bulldog
There is no rational excuse for the maintenance of such canine monstrosities in any populous district.  They are as dangerous as dynamite or smallpox or any other of the minatory things that the police power of municipalities is evoked to repress and eliminate.

Jun 12, 1896 Chicago Editorial The Dog Question Again - Pit Bull Problem
We are of opinion that all that is needed for the safety of society is a stringent law against keeping of harboring savage dogs.  There is no need of such in a city.  A good house dog is not necessarily a savage beast.  It is the dog that barks and arouses a household that the burglar fears.  A good toy terrier may be a better defense against house-breakers tha(n) an ugly and vicious bulldog.