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Extreme Attacks: List of pit bulls that had to be stabbed to stop an attack

It is commonly known that pit bulls are very often dog aggressive and that when they launch an attack on a pet, it is completely uninhibited and very likely to be lethal without intervention.  Pit bull owners are constantly putting us in an impossible situation by demanding that the we give the pit bull the benefit of the doubt and treat the pit bull like a normal dog when a wrong guess about the pit bull's intentions means a horrific mauling or death to us, a loved one or our pets.  Pit bull owners often become irate when people refuse to allow their pit bulls to maul and kill unimpeded.

Pit bull owners also demand that we put our children's and our own lives in jeopardy in order to give pit bulls the benefit of the doubt.  Even though pit bulls are constantly launching off property, unprovoked attacks on people on the street and even children in their own secured yards, pit bull owners demand that we treat them like normal companion animals.

It is important to note that many of the people are traumatized by being forced by pit bull advocates to perform such a violent act to protect their family.  And many of these people who ended up stabbing a pit bull to stop an attack were not armed at the time.  Many had to stab a pit bull in their home and retrieved a kitchen knife or had to leave their pet being attacked to run inside the house to get a knife.

But, the public is becoming aware of pit bull dangers to people and pets and are increasingly arming themselves for protection in the overwhelming absence of action from legislators and civic leaders to regulate pit bull owners.

The number of pit bulls that have had to be stabbed by desperate pet owners to stop a vicious attack is astounding.  But, arming against pit bulls is not an ideal solution as many of the victims pets died anyway.  At the very least regulation requiring pit bull owners to muzzle their pits or carry break sticks, or better yet a ban, is what will save us from having to think about how to kill a pit bull to save our loved ones.

2022 CA - A one-year-old girl was mauled by her randmother's two pit bulls. The child's mother had to stabe the dogs to stop the attack.  She managed to kill one of the attackers.  The mother was also seriously injured.  The other pit bull survived the stab wounds and was euthanized.
2020 MA - A woman stabbed her own pit bull to stop it from attacking her other pit bull mix.  The attacking pit bull was euthanized.

2020 FL - A foster pit bull attacked two children in the foster family, one son stabbed the pit bull to stop the attack.  The foster "mom" had a couple scratches, while both sons were sent to the hospital.  A dog trainer is associated with the same address. The mauler was first treated for its stab wounds and then euthanized.  This attack is also found in the list of pit bulls up for adoption attacks.

2019 FL - Reporting on a lawsuit against PAWS (Panhandle Animal Welfare Society) for adopting out a pit bull with previous serious attacks that severely mauled a child in 2017 revealed that the pit bull attacked several people and a cockapoo in a veterinary clinic in 2015 and had to be stabbed in the neck to stop the attack.

2019 NJ - A leashed dog on a designated path was attacked by a pit bull and the victim dog's owner was forced to fatally stab the pit bull.  The pit bull's owners live next to the path and just let their pit out unleashed.  The pit bull owners are claiming the victim dog was not being attacked despite the fact that the victim dog was at the vet being treated for wounds.

2019 OH - A pit bull was stabbed by the foster owner to stop a brutal mauling on a dog groomer.  This attack is also on the list of attacks by pit bulls that are up for adoption.

2019 MA - A pit bull went through a window to attack two dogs walking past the its house.  The owner of the dogs tried to stop the attack but couldn't, so he stabbed the pit bull to death killing it.

2019 CA - A pit bull was stabbed to death while it was attacking another dog at a dog park.  The victim dog's owner tried to separate his dog from the pit, but could not.  The pit bull's owner feels he went too far.

2018 VA - An 82 year old man tried to save his two elderly dogs' lives when a pit bull invaded his front porch and began attacking them.  He hit the pit bull with a rock and then stabbed it with a pocket knife.  The attack did not stop until both of his beloved pets were dead, and he was injured.

2018 MA - A father had to stab the family pit bull to death as it mauled his 1-year-old daughter's face so badly she needed three blood transfusions and lengthy surgery.  The attack was unprovoked.

2017 FL - A family pit bull attacked the mother for absolutely no reason directly after cuddling with the daughter in another room.  The pit bull's pregnant owner had to stab her pit bull to stop it from attacking her mother who said the pit bull was going to kill her.  The pit bull died soon after.  A family friend said that the mauling pit bull was the sweetest dog ever.  This attack is also listed under the Photos Lie list of photos with beloved family pit bulls looking safe and loving that later mauled or killed someone. archive ready

2017 CA - Another confessional about the day the pit bull owner's beloved pit bull attacked him and he had to stab it to get it to stop attacking.  Then he had it put down.

2017 TX - Two pit bulls pulled a border collie named Cherry through a hole in her fence and maul her in front of several children.  The owner and children's mother got a knife jumped over the fence and stabbed both pit bulls in order to save Cherry.  One of the pit bulls died at the scene and the other was so badly injured it was later put down.  Cherry died on the way to the vet.

2017 NC - A teenager was arrested for animal cruelty when he stabbed his mom's pit bull to stop it from attacking his mom's other dog.

2016 NC - A woman stabbed a pit bull after it attacked her dog, and then got aggressive with her brother.  Maria Saavedra said the pit bull belonging to a neighbor broke loose from its chain and came into her yard, attacking Saavedra’s dog.  Saavedra stabbed the pit bull with a knife to get it off her dog. Both dogs were treated at an emergency veterinary clinic. The pit bull was put down.

2016 FL - A couple tried to put a Christmas sweater on their pit bull, Scarface, and it attacked them.  The son stabbed the pit bull in an attempt to get it to stop attacking.  It went berzerk and police had to use a tazer and a bean bag gun to subdue it.  The women was severely mauled.

2016 CA - After a pit bull killed a 10 month old poodle, it continued to try to attack people, so the poodle's owner dragged the pit bull into his kitchen and slit its throat.  The pit bull owner has been charged with animal cruelty, but the pit bull owner who allowed their pit bull to tear apart a sweet little dog was not.

2016 ID - A man walking his dog had to stab 2 pit bulls, killing one, to stop them from attacking himself and his small dog.

2016 CA - Brenda Barnett of LA Animal Services allowed someone who claimed to represent a rescue in Arkansas to take an extremely dangerous pit bull that had bitten a AC worker.  That pit bull, after released, but still in LA, attacked a potential adopter.  The vicious pit bull had to be stabbed 19 times to stop the attack and was later euthanized. (This attack is also listed in Pit Bulls Up For Adoption that Attack)

2016 TX - An 11 year-old girl was knocked off her bike and seriously attacked by three loose pit bulls.  Their attack was completely unprovoked and off property.  Two men came to the girl's rescue and one of the men vigorously stabbed the pit bulls with his pocket knife to stop the attack.

2016 SA - A pit bull jumped over a wall and entered a house to attack a small terrier named Turbo inside.  An owner stabbed the pit bull to get it to stop attacking the little dog.  The pit bull died a couple days later from the stab wounds. The pit bull owners feel it wasn't necessary to stab their sweet pit bull.  Turbo was left with deep wounds in his neck.  The pit bull had attacked Turbo and another dog before. (This attack is also listed in the Invasion Attacks list.) 

2016 ND - An unattended pit bull mix attacked a boxer mix at a dog park.  The boxer's owner tried to get the pit bull off with no success until he stabbed it to death to stop the attack.  The pit bull owner came, collected his dead pit bull, apologized and then took off before anyone could get his information.

2016 WI - A loose pit bull attacked a pit bull boxer mix on a leash.  The owner of the loose pit bull told the other owner to do what he had to do.  He fatally stabbed the loose pit bull to get it to stop attacking his pit bull.

2015 OTT - A couple was badly bitten by their own pit bull.  The pit bull first attacked the 20-year-old woman, and the man was attacked when he tried to help.  When the police arrived they found both people badly bitten with deep lacerations and the pit bull stabbed to death. (mentioned in the video)

2015 LA - A 48 year old woman stabbed and killed her own pit bull to stop its attack on her.  The pit bull was fighting with the woman's other pit bull and when she attempted to stop the attack, it began attacking her and would not stop until she killed it.

2015 IL - A 5 year old boy, James W. Nevils III, was fatally attacked by a pit bull according to witnesses. Neighbors came and beat, bludegeoned and stabbed the pit bull to death with a brick, pole and knife to get it to stop the attack.

2015 WV - A pit bull attacked a woman walking her small dog.  Her son came out of their house with a knife and stabbed the pit bull to get it to stop attacking the woman.

2015 CT - A pit bull attacked a puppy and the owners tried to stop the attack. The female owner was attacked first, and then the male.  The male owner had to stab his own pit bull to stop it from attacking him.

2015 FL - A man let his lab out into his own yard and the neighbor's 2 pit bulls scaled a 6 ft. fence for the express purpose of attacking and killing the lab.  The lab owner was forced to retrieve a hunting knife from his house and stab the neighbor's attacking pit bulls to stop the attack.  He killed one pit bull.

2014 CA - A woman tried everything to get a pit bull to stop attacking her corgi before she went to her car to get a knife and then stabbed and stabbed and stabbed the pit bull, but it wouldn't let go.  She then slit the pit bull's throat, but that didn't stop it.  She had to gut the pit bull from groin to chest before it stopped its attack.  She may have permanent nerve damage to her hands.

2014 NJ - The family pit bull mastiff mix that had never before shown aggression clamped down on a 1-year-old's head and would not let go until it was stabbed.

2014 FL - Pit bulls escaped from electric fence and attacked a 70 pound coonhound in a garage.  The owner had to stab one of the pit bulls to stop the attack.  The pit bull owner had previously terrorized the neighborhood with three other pit bulls until they were put down.

2014 FL - Sister stabs relative's pit bull to stop the pit bull from attacking her brother.  The stab wounds were so severe, the pit bull was euthanized.

2014 GA - A west highland white terrier named Lexie was attacked by a pit bull with a Humane Society adoption event inside a Petsmart when the westie's owner stabbed the pit bull to stop the attack.

2014 MN- Man fatally stabs pit bull to get it to stop attacking his golden retriever.

2014 CA - A pit bull attacked a small dog. The owner stabbed the pit bull to try and make it release the animal. The small dog died; the pit bull survived.

2014 CA - A woman used a filet knife to kill two pit bulls that got out of a yard and attacked her three leashed German shepherds while they were on a walk.

2014OR - A man stabbed a loose pit bull to death while it attacked him and his 4 year old lab mix.

2014 GA - A man stabbed  a pit bull to try to save his chihuahua from a pit bull that invaded his yard and attacked.  Little Gizmo was killed, which has devastated his owner.  The pit bull owner threatened Gizmo's owner with a gun.  The pit bull was euthanized.

2014 CA - A man stabbed one of the three pit bulls that attacked him, his wife and their two dogs.  One of their dogs was seriously mauled.

2014 - Loose pit bull rushes into a woman's home to attack her chihuahua.  Woman stabs the pit bull.  Attack did not make it to the news.
also listed in home invasion attacks

2013 BC - a 72-year old Vancouver man was walking his pug when they were approached by a woman who was walking a pit bull. The larger pit bull bit down on the neck of the smaller dog. The man and woman were unable to separate the dogs, and the owner of the pug stabbed the pit bull with a folding knife to make it stop attacking.  The pit bull died.

2013 WA - A pit bull grabbed a bulldog puppy out of its owner's arms and the owner tried to stop the attack but then had to get his knife out and stab the dog to stop the attack.

2013 NY - The owner of two pit bulls stabbed them to death after they attacked him and two other people.  A police investigation found that the mauling pit bulls were well cared for.

2013 IL- An unleashed pit bull rushed to attack a beagle on a public sidewalk and the beagle owner stabbed the pit bull 6 times to stop the attack, fatally injuring the attacking pit bull.

2013 FL - Pit bull invades home trying to kill cat.  Homeowner has to stab the pit bull to death.
also listed in  invasion attacks

2013 GA - When a stray pit bull enters a yard and attacked a 2 year old shepherd/husky mix, Jasper, Jasper's owner tried to get the pit bull off Jasper, but couldn't.  She retrieved a butcher knife from her kitchen and stabbed the pit bull about a dozen times before it stopped attacking, staggered away, and died.

2012 CA - A family member was forced to stab their pitbull with a steak knife after it attacked a 3-year-old-girl.

2012 NM - A man stabbed two pit bulls that were attacking his collie.

2012 WA - A pit bull was stabbed to death by a man in Roseburg Tuesday, after witnesses say it attacked a Dachshund and 6-8 men couldn't separate the animals.

2012 WA - Security camera footage of a man and a woman attacked by pit bulls.  The man is armed with a knife and stabs them to stop the attack

2012 NY - A city man had to stab and club to death a pit bull that got loose in his home and was attacking his dogs on Saturday.

2011 FL - Two pit bulls and a lab were running loose together.  The two pit bulls attacked a dog being walked.  The owner of the victim dog stabbed one of the pit bulls to death to stop the attack.  The lab did not attack.

2011 CO - A Nederland man survived pit bull attack by stabbing the attacking pit bull. The victim calls pit bulls a dangerous breed and says that even with a knife, if you don't know how to use it, a pit bull will kill you.

2011 SC - Woman saves her dog and her toddler by stabbing pit bulls that invaded first her yard and then her home.

2011 MA - A pit bull escaped its yard and went to a neighbor's yard and attacked their akita.  the Akita owners stabbed the pit bull.

2010 IN - A New Albany woman says her friend shot and killed one of two dogs that unexpectedly attacked her dog as it sat in her back yard.

2009  CA - A former Marine in California stabbed a pit bull to death after it pounced on his wife and two dogs, a husky and an eskie, as they were walking in their Anaheim neighborhood. Their dogs survived. The pit bull was killed.

2008 NC - Pit bull ran into blind woman's home and killed her dog.  Another woman stabbed the pit bull to death.
also listed under home invasion attacks

2007 MN - A woman stabbed a pit bull that got into her house and attacked her cat.  The cat did not survive; the pit bull did.

2007 CA - A pit bull attacked a doberman twice at a dog park. The second time the owner could not get the pit bull off and it was choking off the doberman.  The owner of the doberman stabbed the pit bull until it let go.

1908 IL - A leashed pug-dachshund mix being walked past a drug store was attacked by a white bulldog that had a stranglehold on the pug's throat.  The pug's owner slashed at the bulldog with a knife until the bulldog let go.  The crowd wished the bulldog had been killed.

1906 IL - A bull dog belonging to Ed Hartnett was stabbed to death yesterday morning at the corner of Avon and State streets, it is said, by a man owning a smaller dog which the bull dog had encountered. Seeing that the larger dog was getting the better of the smaller and threatened the latter. The man is said to have drawn his knife and stuck the dog in the throat, causing it to bleed to death soon after.

1853 IL - Springfield Bulldog Attacks Man Who Must Cut Its Throat to Escape
Springfield - The Register of yesterday morning says: On Friday, Mr. T.A. Bradford, of this city, was set upon and severely bitten by a fierce bulldog.  The dog fastened so completely, that Mr. Bradford only got clear by cutting the dog's throat with his knife.

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