Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Extreme Attacks: List of Pit Bulls that have Attacked Cars and other improbable objects

Attacking cars and heavy metal objects is another characteristic that is virtually exclusive to pit bulls of all dog breeds.  I am aware of two attacks on cars attributed to other breeds of dogs.  One was a rottweiler.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of pit bull attacks on cars and other objects made of heavy plastic, metal or rubber

2020 OK - Two pit bulls attacked and tore up a Cadillac SUV trying to get to a cat hiding from them inside the engine.  The pit bulls left deep scratches and bite marks, and ripped off parts of the hood and windshield wipers.  This is not normal pet animal behavior.

2019 MI - Two pit bulls destroyed the front of a car trying to get to the cats they wanted to kill.  The pit bulls punctured the steel hood of the car with their teeth, ripped off parts of the grille and bumper. Animals that are willing and able to do this kind of damage are unacceptable as pets.

2017 IA Police afraid to stop pit bull they claim is not aggressive from attacking a car so it can have the joy of killing the cat that ran and hid inside the engine.  INSANE

2017 - Video of pit bull biting through a car tire.  You can imagine that human flesh and bone would be no match for this pit bull.

2013 FL Pit bulls attack a Yaris to get to a cat.

2012 AL - Pit bull mastiff mixes tore apart a minivan in an attempt to rip apart and kill a cat that took refuge under the hood.

2012 CA Kitten hid in a minivan to avoid being torn apart by the pit bull owner's four pit bulls (hope it was worth being a pit bull owner).  The pit bulls tear apart the minivan, puncture a tire instead.

2011 TN - Pit bull used Glock as a chew toy.
2011 NM Pit bull tore off Volvo's bumper

2010 TN Ambull tears bumper off police cruiser.  Notice normal dog breeds barking, but not ripping the bumper off.

2010 PA Two pit bulls rushed and mauled a student driver's car doing thousands of dollars of damage to it.

2010 Unbelievably aggressive pit bull tore bolts out of concrete, bent chainlink fence and destroyed several kennels and cage doors in addition to killing tons of animals.

2009 TN Police officers responding to a dog at large call must taze a pit bull to get it to stop attacking their police cruiser.

2009 KS After two pit bulls attack two teen joggers, they bite through and flattened two tires of a responding volunteer firefighter's vehicle.
2009 NC Pit bull deflates all four tires on a police cruiser.

2009 TX Pit bull chewing up sprinkler heads

2009 AR Police were called by the owner of a car two pit bulls were attacking.

2007 GA Pit bulls attack car in driveway

2007 TN The two pit bulls that killed Jennifer Lowe had previously attacked two police cruisers when police responded to a call about the pit bulls attacking her dog.

2004 AU Police shot and killed two pit bulls that had attacked their car, biting through a tire and tearing off a mud flap.

2003 NY - A pit bull on an American Airlines flight chewed through its kennel to escape and then chewed through the forward bulkhead panel destroying 3 cables for both navagation and communication systems.

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